Artist management and career development has always been the heart of our company. Focusing on selected talents and unique personalities, Starting Lineup has been consulting artists and providing guidelines to successful careers ever since.


Crada used to be an undeniable talent. But those days are over. Today, Crada is THE outstanding producer in Europe for hiphop, rnb and urban pop. Songs for Drake, Kid Cudi, Jordin Sparks, Conor Maynard, Kendrick Lamar, Tim Bendzko, Tinie Tempah, Marlo Roudette and La Fouine are only an indicator of what’s to come in the future. 12 international gold- and platinum plaques in the last 5 years. “Nuff said.”


Probably the most-talked about new artist in 2014, Teesy is destined to be one of the big guys. Flawlessly blending rnb-singing and rapping with the ability not only to write but also to produce his own records on a top-notch pop level, Teesy easily is one of the most gifted artists of this new generation of young urban musicians in Europe. iTunes Germany just named him “Best New Artist 2014” and his debut album “Gl├╝cksrezepte” “Best R&B/Soul Album 2014”.


Well known for his production work for german rappers Summer Cem, KC Rebell & P.A. Sports, he’s also part of the new Summer Cem & KC Rebell collaboration album “Maximum” which currently holds the top position of the german charts and claims #1. Illyland is one of the most versatile and skilled producers with an incredible ear for sounds and grooves and he keeps getting better every day. You can imagine how excited we are about this new partnership and we’re expecting a lot of big things to happen in the near future, nationally and internationally.


A long-time affiliate of the Starting Lineup family, NKSN came up as the prominent background singer of Teesy and has drawn the more and more of the public attention on him – rightfully so. After releasing his first EP with the name “Beifahrer”, NKSN is getting ready for more music in the next months while preparing his first own tour and festival shows for 2018.


DJ Kitsune is one of the most influential djs in Germany. Awards like “Best National DJ” and nominations for “Best International Mixtape DJ”? Yes. TV and Radio shows in Europe and the US? He got it. Live shows with the biggest rap stars and symphonic orchestras? That too. With 15+ years in the music industry, DJ Kitsune has been named “the hardest working man in german hiphop”.


Knowing Rasul’s music means loving it. There’s no way around it and everybody knows that. What most people don’t know is, how much of a musical masterming Rasul is behind the music. From discovering some of the greatest producers of the continent to creating musical visions that give birth to milestone albums, Rasul has done it all and he’s doing it again while you read this.