Cros “tru.” mit Beteiligung von Teesy & T-No auf Platz 1


Cro ist zurück und das eindrucksvoller denn je. Mit einem stilistischen Meisterwerk namens “tru.” zeigt sich Cro von seiner kreativsten und künstlerischsten Seite und entwickelt seinen Sound konsequent und stimmig weiter. Wir sind stolz dass unsere Künstler und Starting Lineup Music Publishing-Autoren Teesy (auf “fkngrt” und “alien”) und T-No (auf “kapitel 1” und “hi”) sowie […]

Teesy & T-No featured on Disarstar debut album


When fans rush into the stores today to get their hands on the Disarstar debut album “Kontraste” they’re also gonna be rewarded with 4 exceptional songs by and with our very own singer/rapper Teesy and producer/writer T-No. While Teesy is singing a hook for “Mein Palast”, T-No produced and co-wrote “Ausser Rand Und Band”, “Bis […]

Teesy first german artist to release iTunes Session


After putting on a phenomenal show at the recently held Bundesvision Song Contest and, by that, shooting his debut album “Gluecksrezepte” back up in the german Top 100, Teesy gets the honor of being the first ever german artist to do an exclusive iTunes Session EP. The 5-track release features an acoustic live recording of […]

Teesy album “Glücksrezepte” out now


After a long summer of festival shows, video premierings, interviews and promo jobs, it’s time: Teesy’s debut album is finally in stores. Executive produced by Teesy himself and T-No (Tracksetters), this 13 song album puts up a great effort to become the next german rap classic. With the help by german super star Cro (“SOS), […]

Teesy releases “Generation Maybe” video

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After already dropping tWo videos for his upcoming debut album “Gluecksrezepte”, Teesy recently launched a third viral release for the album cut “Generation Maybe” which also features german rap star Megaloh. The video received raging reviews and clicked in at over 100.000 YouTube views in less than week. After the video was premiered at the […]

Teesy releases new video “Rom & Paris”


“Rom & Paris” is the name of the brand new video by Teesy of his upcoming debut album this summer on german heavywheight indie Chimperator. Just like “Der Anfang”, “Rom & Paris” was shot in the south of france at the Côte d’Azur. Teesy’s first official longplayer “Glücksrezepte” will be released Aug 29th, 2014. Pre-orders […]

T-No produces new video single for Harris


Hamburg-based producer and songwriter T-No has produced a brand new video single for german rap star Harris that features cameo appearances by german club scene and dj stars like Eskei83, DJ Kitsune, DJane Tereza, Clay-369 and DJ Ice-C. The video was financed, produced and organized by legendary party promoters “House-Verbot” of Frankfurt local fame, who […]

Teesy & T-No sign with Starting Lineup / BMG


Critically acclaimed, young r&b/ hiphop talent Teesy and producer T-No (Tracksetters Entertainment) have signed exclusive songwriter agreements with music rights management company BMG though a brand new joint venture with the publishing division of Starting Lineup. Teesy is the latest signing to influential Stuttgart-based hip-hop label Chimperator and supported label-mate Cro on his open-air tour […]

Teesy unterschreibt bei #1 Indie Label Chimperator


Nachdem die Schimpansen es schon von den Dächern riefen, ist der Gorilla nun offiziell aus’m Sack! TEESY ist das neuste Signing bei dem derzeit erfolgreichsten Indie-Label des Landes CHIMPERATOR. Die Zusammenarbeit beginnt für Teesy mit einem Festival-Tour-Support von keinem Geringeren als dem Panda-Man selbst – CRO. Tickets zu den Show’s gibts hier: CRO FESTIVAL TOUR […]

Teesy & T-No sign with SL Management


Berlin newcomer sensation Teesy and his Hamburg based in-house producer T-No are the newest additions to the Starting Lineup Management roster. While Teesy is widely regarded as the most interesting new urban artist in the country, he also possesses excellent songwriting abilities that are not only limited to his very own genre but also a […]