Lyves and Crada on “The Flash”

Congrats to our songwriter client Crada and the amazing London-native Lyves for this breathtaking placement in the ending scene of Episode 4×18 of The CW‘s The Flash. It’s amazing how the right music can stir up emotions in a film! Stunning!

Troi Irons & Crada collaborate for “Call Me”

14359127_1171348069569246_7245094884760577551_n-1Nowadays artists are being broken many different ways. One of them is by catering to an exclusive and eclectic crowd with an exceptional taste of music first. While this path demands the right kind of artists to bring along creativity, a unique sound, the right image and untouchable songs, Def Jam’s new signing Troi Irons is just that. With her debut EP “Turbulence”, Troi proves that she is a fresh breath of air in today’s music scene. An edgy blend of soulful rock and classic soul music, Troi fills a void that’s been around for a while now. On “Call Me” she teams up with our very own Crada, both wrote the song in a collaborative session in Los Angeles. “Turbulence” is out now on limited edition vinyl and all digital stores.

Crada stirs up “Tornado” with Jahméne

14359031_10154712636583816_8046006358652038124_n-1Jahméne (Douglas) of X-Factor 2012 fame is back with a new album, new team and new sound. Part of the new movement is Starting Lineup’s very own writer and producer Crada who (non-surprisingly!) wrote and produced “Tornado” for and with the british star singer of Swindon decent. The album “Unfathomable Phantasmagora” arrives today through Jahméne’s new label home Moonshot Music Ltd. and can be purchased and streamed everywhere.

Jennifer Rostock’s Crada-produced song “Jenga”

jennifer-rostock-genau-in-diesem-ton-coverA rather unusual combination of talent and artistry turns into an incredible song. We’ve heard this story many times, but it’s a much harder task than one might think. Different approaches, different musical backgrounds and different choices of instruments and production techniques usually need a lot bridge building and compromising. But in this case… German success rock band Jennifer Rostock and Crada knocked a big one out the park that only brings the brightest analogies of “rock meets urban” to mind and “Jenga” is a song that is – much like the game the song title is referring to – balanced out very well and one heck of a thrill. Jennifer Rostock’s album “Genau In Diesem Ton” is out today and we congratulate everyone involved.

Bibi Bourelly releases Crada-produced “What If I Told You”

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-06 um 15.08.18Since all good things come in threes, there’s yet another release for our client Crada and our agency today. As we’ve announced earlier, critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Bibi Bourelly is finally dropping her first EP on Island Def Jam by the name of “Free The Real Pt #1”, which features the incredible song “What If I Told You”, alongside the previously promoted songs “Ego” and “Sally”. “What If I Told You” was written by Bibi, Crada and Rob Kerner during a Los Angeles Session in 2014 (pic src: Crada Instagram) and is just one of many songs Bibi and Crada have crafted together. Congratulations to everyone involved and best of luck with the roll-out from our team. “Free The Real Pt #1” and “What If I Told You” can be purchased here.

Crada produces new Rea Garvey Single “I’m All About You”

13119747_1185762504769481_6283013260961598000_oFans of Rea Garvey might be confused about this new/old single the irish rock singer put out today. While “I’m All About You” was an album track on his 2015 release “Prisma”, Rea called our very own Crada to re-work the song from its foundation on and re-produce a new version of it for the re-release of “Prisma” and made “I’m All About You” the latest single to be available from today on at all digital retailers. The two creatives came together at the newly-built Red Bull Studios in Berlin to talk about concept and direction of the song and work on first layouts in the last weeks of March. The deluxe version also features exclusive live streams from Garvey’s Berlin concert and an in-depth track by track narration by the artist himself.

New Bibi Bourelly EP with production by Crada

20160427145148It’s been in the making for quite a while now, but one of our agency’s best kept secrets finally has a release date. May 6 will mark the day that “Free The Real Pt #1” by scorching hot singer/songwriter Bibi Bourelly will see the light of day through Def Jam Recordings. One of many songs that Crada and Bibi wrote together is “What If”, which will be featured on this EP and is a prime example of the breathtaking chemistry these two artists share. “Free The Real Pt #1” is going to kick off a series of so called “Society Sessions” that will have Bibi perform live in New York, Los Angeles, London and Berlin alongside a mixture of performances, art and DJ sets from various people in youth culture.

Crada wraps up album production for Adesse

It’s a known fact that Crada has been constantly working on numerous worldwide projects all year long and one of the most challenging and intense endeavours is now getting ready to see the light of day. “Fechnerstrasse” is the debut album of Berlin’s own Adesse, who is signed to Sido’s brand new imprint “Goldzweig” on Four Music. The album is schedule to drop on Mar 24, the single “Ich Bleibe” is getting a great feedback on german radio and the marketing maching is preparing for the full roll out. Part of it is this look behind the scenes and brief interview with Crada and Adesse on the process of getting to know each other’s musical taste and the approach to the album, recorded at the Red Bull Studios Berlin.

Crada produces for new Jordin Sparks album

500x500In case you missed it – Jordin Sparks is back, and maybe stronger than ever. With legendary super producer Salaam Remi on her side, Jordin, argueably one of pop music’s strongest voices of the past decade, took some time out to put together an amazing album for a comeback that couldn’t be more furious. We’re happy and proud to say that our long-term client Crada co-wrote and produced the breathtaking, sphercial r&b ballad “Left….Right?” and joins hall-of-famers like DJ Mustard, Babyface, Salaam Remi, James Fauntleroy, B.O.B. and Shaggy as well as current heavy-hitters Elijah Blake and KeY Wane on one of the best r&b/pop albums of 2015. “Right Here, Right Now” is in stores right now.

Crada produces new Jordin Sparks record

10678825_10150501237809980_4051995283219878824_nIt came in very short notice, but that’s the case with many great things in life. Jordin Sparks was rumored to be releasing some very promising new music and we’re happy to announce that our very own Crada is part of that. In a recent session in L.A. he finished up a song for multi-platinum superstar Jordin Sparks who previews this collaborative effort on her new mixtape “#ByeFelicia” which is available for free download. While the mixtape version of the Crada-produced song “Left, Right” only reveals one verse, the full version of this amazing, and very emotional new record will be featured on Jordin Sparks’ highly anticipated new album in early 2015.