London-based producer Alistair signs to Starting Lineup

IMG_0870_sqWe are excited and proud to welcome London-based producer, composer and remixer Alistair to our roster of extraordinary artists. Alistair is currently studying music at the University of Westminster and is starting to make a name for his extremely soulful and atmospheric productions. Currently collaborating and writing with some of Europe’s most intriguing artists, he is bound to build a strong name for himself and his music in the near future. Spotify recently picked up his EP “Bedtime Stories”  (released earlier this year) and featured 2 of his songs in some of their most prestigious playlists. We are thrilled to witness Alistair’s development and are happy to be able to support him on his way from here on. “Bedtime Stories” can be found on Spotify, iTunes & Apple Music and all other platforms for digital music.