Teesy surprises at Bundesvision Songcontest

IMG_9899One of Germany’s biggest yearly music shows on national tv, Stefan Raab’s Bundesvision Songcontest went down last Saturday and what a surprise it had in the stash… Being one of the very few artists of the night not signed to a major label, Teesy crushed the competition with a stellar performance of his current single “Keine Rosen”, finishing up on a strong 3rd place behind two platinum-selling major label rock acts. This also made Teesy the best-placed urban performer, leaving behind rap superstar Marteria and many others in a night filled with rappers and urban pop artists. The Bundesvision Songcontest is a tv show that doesn’t have a jury but only depends on the viewer’s votes, which makes it even more difficult for new and unknown artists to compete with acts with a strong following. We congratulate Teesy to this amazing success!

T-Town work for Chris Brown and R. Kelly

Chris_Brown_XT-Town Productions, Starting Lineup Music Publishing’s newest singing, is already off to amazing things, just weeks after the deal officially came into life. “Drown In It”, one of the latest T-Town songs (written and produced), has been picked by worldwide superstar Chris Brown to be featured on his upcoming album “X”, which is scheduled to drop on September 15 worldwide. Also featured on the track is frequent T-Town collaborator R. Kelly, who is responsible for breaking the T-Town trio in the US by working with them on several songs on his last two albums. “X” will be released on RCA Records.