Teesy scores first #1 album appearance

11235394_10153188927536259_606118148689086772_nWhile Teesy just finished a furious concert tour throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria and proceeds to play countless festivals all summer long, he also found time to record a song with one of the country’s most talked about rap artist of the moment – Xatar. They’re collaborative record “Gentleman” is one of the album’s outstanding songs and captures the timeless and unique feeling of many big 90s rap/r&b records. The album performed incredibly well furing its first week on sale and took the #1 spot by storm. We congratulate Xatar and our very own Teesy to this tremendous success!

iTunes makes Teesy best new artist 2014

10420779_718732174901419_8532443807231198705_nA breath-taking year comes to an even more amazing end. As if the accomplishments for the Starting Lineup-managed and -published artist & songwriter Teesy hadn’t been big enough with a celebrated debut album, a successful festival season and a furious 3rd place in the star-packed Pro7 Bundesvision Song Contest, our good friends and early supporters from iTunes brought a very big surprise to the table. We didn’t see this coming, but the iTunes Germany team decided to give the awards for Best New Artist 2014 and Best R&B/Soul Album 2014 to Teesy, something we’re very proud of. Teesy says: “Dear iTunes team, thanks for everything you guys made possible for us, thanks for the great time at the iTunes Session and the trust throughout the year. And of course, a big thank you to all the people out there who stand by our side and support us. 2014 was fantastic.”

Crada produces new Jordin Sparks record

10678825_10150501237809980_4051995283219878824_nIt came in very short notice, but that’s the case with many great things in life. Jordin Sparks was rumored to be releasing some very promising new music and we’re happy to announce that our very own Crada is part of that. In a recent session in L.A. he finished up a song for multi-platinum superstar Jordin Sparks who previews this collaborative effort on her new mixtape “#ByeFelicia” which is available for free download. While the mixtape version of the Crada-produced song “Left, Right” only reveals one verse, the full version of this amazing, and very emotional new record will be featured on Jordin Sparks’ highly anticipated new album in early 2015.

T-Town nominated for Grammy Awards

Photo Dec 05, 8 29 26 PMStarting Lineup’s newest publishing signing T-Town productions keep making serious noise with their latest release “Drown In It”, performed by Chris Brown & R. Kelly. The T-Town-written and -produced record entered the US Billboard charts on #2 only a few weeks ago and just got nominated for a Grammy for being part of Chris Brown’s masterpiece album “X”. The award for “Best Urban Contemporary Album” is an award that honors the performer/artist, the producers and engineers of an album. We congratulate T-Town for this huge accomplishment and have our fingers crossed for the Grammys on February 8th.

Crada, Steen & Bendzko team up for new album

51I97xPmfeLCassandra Steen, one of Germany’s most recognizable voices of the past decade has requested Crada to executive produce her entire new album “Spiegelbild, forming a trio infernale with Tim Bendzko completing the team. Bendzko & Crada, one of the most successful songwriting teams of the year, have been penning 12 brand new songs for Cassandra, while Crada also produced every song on the album, something he has been wanting to do for a while now in order to be able to fully implement his vaste experiences as a producer of international level. “Spiegelbild” therefore marks the return of a more edgy, urban and innovative Cassandra Steen while at the same time not sacrificing radio-playability and commercial appeal. The album was released on Universal Music Germany and is available HERE.

Teesy first german artist to release iTunes Session

After putting on a phenomenTeesy-iTunes-Session-EP-Cover-e1411400207871al show at the recently held Bundesvision Song Contest and, by that, shooting his debut album “Gluecksrezepte” back up in the german Top 100, Teesy gets the honor of being the first ever german artist to do an exclusive iTunes Session EP. The 5-track release features an acoustic live recording of some of Teesy best known songs including the current single “Keine Rosen”, as well as the blog-approved “Generation Maybe” and boasts an impressive guest list including german rap super stars Cro, Megaloh and probably Germany’s most reknowned soul music artist Julian Williams, formerly known as J-Luv. Teesy’s iTunes Session EP is available here from today on.

T-Town enter US Billboard Charts on #2

chrisbrowncharts2We would like to congratulate the amazing production and songwriting team T-Town Productions for their recent chart success with their contribution to the newest Chris Brown album “X” which was released on Sep 15th. “X” took the #2 position on the Billboard Hot 100 with 146.000 units sold in its first week, just short behind Barbara Streisand’s comeback “Partners”. The T-Town co-written and produced song “Drown In It” features a strong guest performance by R. Kelly and is already considered one of the highlights of the album.

Teesy surprises at Bundesvision Songcontest

IMG_9899One of Germany’s biggest yearly music shows on national tv, Stefan Raab’s Bundesvision Songcontest went down last Saturday and what a surprise it had in the stash… Being one of the very few artists of the night not signed to a major label, Teesy crushed the competition with a stellar performance of his current single “Keine Rosen”, finishing up on a strong 3rd place behind two platinum-selling major label rock acts. This also made Teesy the best-placed urban performer, leaving behind rap superstar Marteria and many others in a night filled with rappers and urban pop artists. The Bundesvision Songcontest is a tv show that doesn’t have a jury but only depends on the viewer’s votes, which makes it even more difficult for new and unknown artists to compete with acts with a strong following. We congratulate Teesy to this amazing success!

T-Town work for Chris Brown and R. Kelly

Chris_Brown_XT-Town Productions, Starting Lineup Music Publishing’s newest singing, is already off to amazing things, just weeks after the deal officially came into life. “Drown In It”, one of the latest T-Town songs (written and produced), has been picked by worldwide superstar Chris Brown to be featured on his upcoming album “X”, which is scheduled to drop on September 15 worldwide. Also featured on the track is frequent T-Town collaborator R. Kelly, who is responsible for breaking the T-Town trio in the US by working with them on several songs on his last two albums. “X” will be released on RCA Records.

Teesy album “Glücksrezepte” out now

10314557_10203518542783175_2406960963935378478_nAfter a long summer of festival shows, video premierings, interviews and promo jobs, it’s time: Teesy’s debut album is finally in stores. Executive produced by Teesy himself and T-No (Tracksetters), this 13 song album puts up a great effort to become the next german rap classic. With the help by german super star Cro (“SOS), Megaloh (“Generation Maybe”) and Crada (producer of “Balance”), “Glücksrezeote” features rap and rnb songs about emotions, being young and todays’s struggle of the youth. The album was released on Chimperator Productions and is available on cd, vinyl and digital.
iTunes (Deluxe):
Amazon vinyl:ücksrezepteVinyl



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